How to Create a Break Plan for Your Trucks

Which Breaks Have the Best Quality

Breaks are an important part of any truck. They’re also incredibly expensive to replace. So, what’s the best way to keep your breaks in working order? You could start by switching out your old break pads for new ones that will last longer and give you better quality brakes. And if you want to prevent having a brake failure altogether, you can invest in a break system like the Nettotrailer Brake System.

Picking the right set of pads or system is not easy; there are many factors that make one option better than another. For example, do you need high friction or low friction? What about noise reduction? To help clarify which options work best for different needs, we’ve created this handy guide. Use the following information to find out which brake is best for you.


The first thing you need to know about brakes is what kind of pads you own. The Ferro Truck Stop Brake System uses low friction, high performance ceramic brake pads. These are great for trucks that want a quiet drive and long lasting pad life.

The second thing you should consider when buying your break system or new set of breaks is the application they’re designed for—whether it’s city driving or highway speeds. For example, if you’ll be doing most of your heavy stopping in cities where traffic slows down considerably at all times then opt for a higher friction braking material like ferrite-titanium carbide (FTC). FTC provides more fade resistance than other materials because it generates less heat during use so stops happen unexpectedly without fear of having a brake failure.

If you’ll be mostly on the highway then opt for a lower friction material like ceramic and steel (CS) pads because they break more predictably at the right time, providing better control over your vehicle as well as prolonging pad life.

The final thing to consider is what kind of braking power you want from your breaks: low or high? If you need higher performance brakes that provide quick stops with minimal fade after use, choose carbide-titanium carbon (CTC). CTC provides superior stopping power due to their unique design which allows them to dissipate heat quickly during heavy usage but stay cool enough when idling so they don’t warp or lose effectiveness while sitting in traffic.