The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Move

Tips for Packing and Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. There are so many decisions to be made and so much work to get done, it would be easy for anyone’s head to spin.

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Do some research about the area of town that you will be moving to and find out what types of amenities are available once you’ve arrived, like shopping centers or parks. You may not want to make any decisions until after seeing the final destination in person but this can give you an idea of what’s nearby should it come up in conversation with friends later on.

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Read through packing lists and other helpful articles online so as not show up unprepared when it comes time to pack your items into boxes. Pack early if possible! If there is something that needs more care than others, pack it in the box first. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter things near to top so they don’t shift around inside of your boxes during transit.

Pack up any electronics or other delicate equipment that you will need after arriving before anything else, as this is one category that can be difficult to find once you’ve arrived at a new location if you wait until last minute. You should also make sure all electrical outlets are working properly by testing them with an electrician’s tester before boxing up expensive appliances like refrigerators or ovens. If there is something specific about where these pieces of furniture go, such as needing electricity for example, mark the carton accordingly and put it next to those types of boxes in your moving truck for unloading so that the movers know what to do.

Take pictures of all rooms and spaces in your home before you go back for a final packing check, as it can be hard to remember where everything goes after living there for months or years. Keep some recent photos on hand if possible! This is also an excellent time to take inventory of any furniture pieces that need repairs before moving out – things like dings from parking lots, worn spots along walls, etc. Make sure you get these fixed before loading them up into boxes because they will only grow worse with more handling while being transported to your new place. You’ll want your belongings looking their best when you arrive at your new destination!